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“A World Bridge® " represents the evolution of Trillium Learning’s real-time, real-world project development processes. Trillium personnel have a long history of true, performance-based projects, including the first student-run space flight project (NORSTAR, with NASA Langley Research Center); full-school, project-based learning Phoenix program in Juneau, Alaska; the Global Language & Culture Project (U.S. DOE Foreign Language Assistance Program grants), the America Bridge and now A World Bridge Projects.

Trillium Learning provides the design and implementation of real-time, real-world projects into curriculum, and simultaneously develop courseware for distance learning, built from ongoing, dynamic project content for synchronous and asynchronous delivery. A full train-the-trainer program is provided locally with on-demand distance support. Trillium’s goal is to always develop onsite capacity and sustainability.

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Recent Acknowlegement

Trillium Learning received high praise from NASA recently, for its real-time, real-world project development processes for A World Bridge® program.

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