Kodiak NanoAgriculture Project Activities

The Kodiak A World Bridge™ - NanoAgriculture project continues to make progress in program development and experimentation. The initial project with the U.S. Coast Guard’s (USCG) Bear Valley Golf Course (BVGC) - a highly acidic soil foundation due to heavy volanic ash just underneath the topsoil, remnants of a major volcanic eruption over 100 years ago which left feet of acidic ash which covered the island. The USCG - BVGC has fought these difficult conditions for years with fertilizers, yet the ash still seeps through and damages the plant life on the course. The Kodiak A World Bridge™ NanoAg team took up the challenge to treat the course, and has made significant progress with the NanoAg Answer - a natural enzyme process which brings the soil back to health. As a result of the current success, the Kodiak Parks & Recreation has requested treatment for various locations which suffer similar conditions.

The NanoAgriculture project is now part of the NASA CitySmart Sustainable Communities initiative, which includes infrastructure development for renewable energy, water, food and many other subsystems.

Current progress:

Presentation and Report for David Morse, Elements4Change: Download

pH and Soil Moisture Data Spreadsheet, September 2016 Download

Example of treatment progress on the BVGC (Below left June 19, 2015, Below right July 27, 2015)

Experimental Green House now operational:

Web Hoop House Night View-Side

Kodiak World Bridge NanoAgriculture Project Greenhouse - Winter 2016

Completing construction, winter 2016

Web Hoop House Night ViewWeb Hoop House

Heating and Lighting construction, winter 2016

Web Hoop House Lighting 1Web Heater Colseup Picture

3D Model and Soil Testing Preparation

Web Soil Sample PreparationWeb 3D solidhoop

Revised Experimental Design

Web New NanoAg Experimental Design

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