BVGC First Mapping of 2016

The Nanotechnology in Agriculture treatments begun last year are now being resumed. Microbes were dormant over the winter season, and are now returning to activity as the average temperatures approach the low 50 degree zone. The first Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) course mapping was accomplished on Wed. May 18, 2016. Students will also conduct the first soil analysis and treatments for this year will begin on Thurs. May 26. The treatment areas will then be labeled on the following images.

The images on this page are down-sampled for viewing, however, the associated links allow raw file downloads which may be quite large, but are maximum resolution.

BVGC Orthomosaic May 18, 2016

This full orthorectified mosaic is composed of 208 images. The raw file may be downloaded with this link or clicking the image. Image size is 20.5 x 12.5 feet, and 292.2 MB in file storage.

bvgc 18may16 hd orthomosaic thumb

Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Waypoint Map

The following image represents the latitude/longitude locations for each image captured by the UAS. The green/yellow line represents the flight transects, and the red dots represent the picture capture location.

BVGC 18May16 Waypoints copy

Point Cloud for Orthomosaic Rendering

The following image indicates the camera position and image footprint for each waypoint.

BVGC 18May16 PointCloud

3D Renderings of the Orthomosaic

The following images are screencaptures of the 3D map rendering processed from the orthomosaic. A movie flythrough is also available below.

BVGC 18May16 3D1 copy

BVGC 3D Render 1

BVGC 18May16 3D3 copy

BVGC 3D Render 2

BVGC 3D Render Flythrough Movie - please allow time for download, based upon your network’s bandwidth. Just click on the image.

BVGC 18May16 3D2


Elevation Model - Dark red is highest elevation, dark blue lowest; this is utilized to determine how and where water flows through the course (mountains are directly above this image. Close inspection also indicates drainage areas.

BVGC 18May16 Elevation

NDVI Legend

NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) - Red refers to least healthy, dark green is highest with most reflectance. However, notice that many of the red spots line up with shadows where there was little reflectance, so these are not necessarily damaged areas.


Example NDVI Treatment Area 13

This treatment area was completely dead - showing sand and volcanic ash less than one year ago, and was roped off as Ground Under Repair (see photos below. Following NanoAg treatment, the grass root structures are rejuvenated and growing strongly without other treatment. The dark red areas indicate dry streambed, and wooden bridge. The area marked below is approximately 100 sq.ft. and was dark red 10 months ago.

Area51 NDVI

Treatment Area 13

Damaged Area 13 before and after treatment.


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