Alak School - Wainwright, Alaska USA

The A World Bridge projects launch was held on Friday, September 8, 2017 at Alak School. A presentation on the projects was given to the school assembly and an Unmanned Aircraft Systems (drone) demonstration was also part of the fun.

Alak School will begin with 2 A World Bridge Projects: Unmanned Aircraft Systems, and NASA CitySmart - Sustainable Communities. Here are links to the separate project summaries:

Unmanned Aircraft Systems - Scientific Applications (shoreline erosion monitoring…)

NASA CitySmart - Sustainable Communities (renewable energy, water purification, food growing)

Project Launch!

More of the kids

Alak School Students - Picture taken from the Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) = Drone!


The drone flew around the gym and took pictures and videos of the Alak School students.

5th Grade Wainwright cr

Then, we had a second demonstration for the 5th Grade students in Mr. Huhndorf’s class - they’ll be working on the UAS project right away!

5th Grade Closeup

Alak School 5th Grade Class

Do you want to see the movies? Just click on the pictures below!

Assembly Thumb

Alak School Assembly Movie

5th grade thumb

Alak School 5th Grade Movie

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