Covid-19 Strategic Response

 CV-19 Pandemic: Returning to a Better World

The Plan

During this time of great global need and severe personal difficulty, our goal for “Returning to a Better World" is to provide Covid-19 pandemic solutions, solutions which are highly adaptable web apps, designed to show the current Covid situation combined with world-class data for decision-making. These apps are referred to as Covid Toolkits.

By incorporating a conglomerate of world-class experts and solutions providers, we will maximize this collaborative international effort. These Covid Toolkits will powerfully reveal the Covid state-of-the-world and thus allow people around the world to better understand our actual circumstance.

The toolkit includes trend analyses, via dynamic and interactive web app visualizations, along with near-term climate scenarios projected over the next few months. The ultimate purpose is to provide the best available data, in order to inform strategic decision-making.

To that end, UNITAR, UNFAO, the World Bank, ThalesAlenia Space, Sinergise/ESA, Strategic News Service,  A World Bridge® and others will design and build a suite of Covid Toolkits.

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Priority 1 Goals: Severity & Capacity

Priority 2 Goals: Food Security & Economy

Additional Priority 3 Goals: Education & Data Access

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