NASA Europa (World) Challenge

World Challenge Finland 2018: United Nations FAO Invasive Species Project

World Challenge Finland 2018: USGS-NASA Data Visualization

NASA Europa Challenge 2015

NASA Europa Challenge 2016

NASA Europa Challenge Helsinki 2017: World Heritage Sites

NASA Europa Challenge Helsinki 2017: CitySmart - WorldWise


NASA Europa Challenge 2015 Trophy (photo credit Phil Davis)

About the NASA Europa Challenge

Solutions For Sustainable Cities!

The NASA Europa Challenge has always had Europe's INSPIRE Directive to guide project development. This year we continue to have INSPIRE guide us and more specifically, we are looking for urban management solutions. This year the Europa Challenge is asking the world's *best and brightest* to deliver solutions serving city needs. 

Almost every city needs the same data management tools as every other city. How can we help cities work together to be more sustainable, more livable and more resilient? If cities were able to share their solutions with each other, this would multiply their investment by the number of cities participating. Each city could develop different functionalities and then 'share' these with each other, massively increasing our planet's collective productivity.   

The challenge is to build a great application that serves some aspect of the OpenCitySmart design and uses NASA's open source virtual globe technology, WebWorldWind. By doing this participants will advance a platform that allows every city to benefit. This challenge is open to all on our home planet.

Last year (2015), the Kodiak A World Bridge™ team won the NASA Europa Challenge for their Global Earthquake Forecast System, with the final awards presented at the FOSS4G Conference in Como, Italy.


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