Server-side and Technical Documentation-Description

Application Running Environment

OS: Ubuntu 16.04

Web Server: Apache 2.4

Mid-ware Server: Node.js, Express Framework

Database Server: MySql 7.8

Programming Languages Utilized

Client Side: HTML5/CSS/DOM/JQuery/Ajax

Server Side: Node.js

Key Interactive Features

Event Trigger

Event trigger plays key role to interactive with user operation. It improves user experience a lot. The event triggers in our applications include:

     - Continent Menu

     - Country Menu

     - Continent Toggle

     - Search Box

     - Placemark Click

     - Dialog Window


Auto Suggestion

Auto suggestion is a powerful function to allow user type less to search, and format data input for better search result. The dynamic suggestion is generated by database connection.

Country Button Jumping

A specific country button will jump on top of all buttons when it is clicked by user. This feature will help user to quickly identify which country is chosen at the time.

Placemark Dialog

A thousand of place marks are available in our application. Each place mark has its own summary, site picture, and etc. The dialogue function has the capability to show dynamic content selected by users. This is completely relied on server side programs.

Server Side Programs

Server side programs, also called mid-ware application, make interactive communication between user browser and database. Server side programs help Javascript function customized be more powerful. Any event triggered by user, will make a specific data request to server side programs, and then server side programs will initiate a database connection and then send query instead of user request to database. Once the query result sent back to server side programs, server side programs will process a certain logic analysis and process to a readable response data to send back to clients side programs for further processing.

Features Overview

Feature Overview

Dialogue Box Auto Size/Location

Auto Suggestion

Country Menu/Button Jump

Event Trigger

Country Menu Scroll Bar

Placemark Display

Globe Location Fly-to Navigation

Layer Control Button

Banner Auto Size

Placemark Dialogue Box

Toggle Switch

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