Unmanned Aircraft Systems - Scientific Applications

UAS SA: 3 Courses, Levels 1-8

All Trillium Learning - A World Bridge™ UAS SA courses are based on real-time, real-world projects, including Tsunami Marine Debris Monitoring, Invasive Species Studies, Disaster Resiience, Nanotechnology in Agriculture, and future Smart City/Sustainable Earth programs.


The first course - UAS SA1 is comprised of 5 Levels of aircraft, challenges, missions and curriculum content, including Navigation, Image/video data acquisition, Flight safety, Mission planning, Intro to GIS. Levels 1-4 are training levels up to beginning First Person View (FPV) components. Level 5 is entry-level professional with GPS and high-definition cameras and gimbal stabilization systems, software mission programming and includes full FPV.


The second course includes continuing but advanced study from SA1, and utilizes UAV’s from Levels 5-6 including low- to mid-professional level drones with FPV and 4K resolution imagery/video capability. Workflow includes: 

1. Piloting, Safety, How UAV’s Work, Navigation and Mission Planning 

2. Data Acquisition including High-definition Camera Image/Video Capture, Dual-operator Camera/Gimbal operation with FPV and goggles

3. Data Analysis including Orthomosaic Map Generation and Mapping/Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

4. Data Visualization including multilayer GIS mapping, 3D/4D Data Layers on NASA World Wind platform.

UAS SA3 (under development)

The third course includes advanced applications from SA2 and utilizes Level 7 and 8 UAV’s along with highest-end photogrammetry from DSLR cameras, NDVI and special filter thermal cameras, and next generation, highest-end imagery acquisition with LIDAR (Laser-ranging) equipment. This course is still under development.

UAVs by Level

This section (under construction) will list all UAV aircraft functionalities.

Level 1

DSC 0056

Level 1 - Syma X5 C1 Quadcopter

Level 2

udi u818a main

Level 2 - UDI U818a Quadcopter

Level 3

Syma X8C

Level 3 - Syma X8C Quadcopter

Level 4

UDI Lark

Level 4 - UDI 842-1 FPV Lark

Level 5


Level 5 - DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter

Level 6


Level 7 (Hexacopter)

Matrice600 BigCam

Level 7 - DJI Matrice 600 Developer/Programmable

Matrice600 A3Pro

Level 7 - DJI Matrice 600 Multi-GPS A3 System

Level 8 (Octocopter with Lidar, under development)

S1000 Lidar3

Level 8 (under development) - DJI Octocopter with Phoenix Aerial Lidar System

S1000 Lidar2

Level 8 - DJI S1000 Octocopter with Velodyne Lidar System (Phoenix Aerial)

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