Invasive Species UAS Test, Ivanhoe Lake, Orlando, FL

Trillium Learning conducted an Invasive Species test on Aug. 5, 2015 at an infected pond in Orlando, Florida. The test media was acquired by a DJI Inspire1 with X3 camera, and processed to produce orthomosaic and 3D processed imagery, in order to develop procedures for the upcoming Connecticut Valley Watershed Invasive Species study by U.S. Fish & Wildlife and UMass at Amherst in Massachusetts. The (5) cm/pixel imagery was acquired at approximately 120 ft altitude.

1 IvanhoeRecentSat

Satellite image of Infected Area

2 Ivanhoe Invasive Area Waypoints

Waypoint Mission Map for Image Acquisition

3 IvanhoePointCloudOblique

55 Million-Point Cloud for >100 Images - Nadir and Oblique

4 IvanhoeInvasiveArea3DOblique

3D Data Visualization of Invasive Species Area

5 Ivanhoe100 Image Orthomosaic

Full 100-image Orthomosaic of Test Area

6 IvanhoeInvasiveAreaQGIS

Orthomosaic Import into QGIS

7 IvanhoeInvasiveAreaOrtho1

Invasive Area: Zoom 1

8 IvanhoeInvasiveAreaOrtho2

Invasive Area Ortho Zoom 2: Depth Visualization

9 IvanhoeInvasiveAreaOrtho3

Invasive Area Ortho Zoom 3: Underwater Root Structures

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